One stop end to end manufacturing outsourcing service


Our Shimowada factory features a clean room environment that can handle various types of assembly. The cleanliness is less than class 10,000 and the floor area is more than 700㎡. In addition to metal cutting processing and assembly requests, we are capable for contract manufacturing that handles from parts procurement to assembly and inspection.

Unit/Equipment assembly

With one slip of order sheet, we are capable to provide services from SOP preparation, parts procurement, assembly to final quality inspection.
– Handle from single unit assembly
– Also are capable to provide VA/VE proposal
– Incorporating with our manufacturing technology to improve assembly procedures
– We have a series of deliverables such as inspection equipment with optical lenses, laser measurement instruments that require highly precise assembly.

Clean room specification

Floor area 742㎡
Floor structure concrete slab on grade
Floor load capacity 600㎏/㎡
Floor finishing material linoleum
Ceiling height 4.37m
Air conditioning atmosphere general air conditioning
Cleanliness classes 10,000 or less
Dustproof clothing (Hat) Wearing
Air shower (for people) 1 unit
Air shower (for luggage) 2 units
Elevator 2 units (W1100, H2100, Depth 2300)
Carry-in entrance for large items 2 locations (W2000, H2300)
Pneumatic pressure DRY
Pneumatic piping ALL aluminum, quick coupling specifications
Electricity 100V(50Hz)、200V(50Hz・3組)

External appearance of factory

Air shower

Clean room area

Clean room area